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Love the photos! What Does it Cost?

Wedding photographs happen to be one of the only two things that survive the wedding day (the other being the bride’s dress!). The cake and food are but delicious memories. The music fades away after the evening is over. A year or ten down the road you will look at your wedding album and remember the beautiful day where you started your own family. When you are choosing the photographer who will document your day it is so important to choose someone who will capture your day authentically, and who will be able to provide you with long-lasting, heirlooms that transcend generations and tell your love story. Look first at their style, presentation, products and personality. Ask yourself, how will I fit into your wedding day vision? Once all of those things are taken into account, look lastly at the investment. What are your memories worth to you?

When you let me into your lives, I will use my camera to help you bottle your memories beautifully and honestly. My wedding photography packages are created with exactly this in mind. They are meant to portray your memories and stories with a combination of beautiful printed pieces of artwork and digital products.

Wedding packages start at $2,800 and include the following specialty services and products:

  • Unlimited wedding coverage
  • Handcrafterd Siganture albums that come in a variety of sizes and cover options.
  • Engagement Session with engagement album and complimentary Hair & Makeup
  • Same Day Reception Slideshow
  • Multiple Photographers**
  • Wedding Day Digital Negatives
  • Wedding Story Slideshow – Different from Reception Slideshow

PS Keep reading, there is some very exciting stuff below.


Same day slideshow

I absolutely do not believe in making you wait months for your photos. I want you to have your photos the very same day and that is exactly what I do! I am proud to be the only photographer in Edmonton who offers same day slideshows. I pride myself on exceptional editing and speedy turnaround, which allows me to provide you with a beautiful slideshow of images from your wedding day that you and your loved ones get to see during the reception. So far it has led to bouts of laughter and tears of joy in every wedding that I have showed one in.

Every one of my packages includes the same day slideshow. I know every couple loves it and so do their guests!
PS We bring our own screen and projector to the reception in case your venue does not provide one!

This is what a reception slideshow looks like:

“All the guests were extremely impressed by the reception slideshow!” – Mr & Mrs. John
“The reception slideshow was amazing! Everyone loved it 🙂 ” – Zubair Kharadi
“Love is Love in their eyes and our photos captured by them prove it!!!!” – Rita Sclavanos


Engagement Session

Sometimes also referred to as an e-session, engagement session or pre-wedding session, you know a little about it one form or another. This session gives me an opportunity to work with you in a relaxed atmosphere thus giving you an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and with me before the actual wedding day. We also get to take some very cool and fun photos like the ones below.

Printed Products and Albums

After leaving a million photos on my phone and forgetting about them, I decided to print a few of them. It was magical and nostalgic. I was able to touch them, see them without them being attached to a screen, and put them on the walls of my house to remember those memories as I walked by them everyday. From That point onwards I decided it was important to have printed products in the studio. Imagine your living room wall decorated with the enlarged portraits of your children from your family session.

Check out some of our Printed Products!

Imagine looking lovingly at your photographs 30 years down the road; you will remember the warm weather on the day of your ceremony, your niece was cutely playing with your dress while your mother was fussing over your hair, you will remember your dad giving you a hug and crying when he saw you in that dress, you will remember what it felt like to walk down the aisle and look at your partner-in-crime. This is what I want you to know when you choose your wedding photographer. This is what I want to create for you, a timeless heirloom that will remind you of all the little things that made your wedding day perfect.

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