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Bottling your memories Beautifully and Honestly!


  • Would you like to have some classic, breathtaking, and one-of-a-kind photos – with a hint of magic?
  • Are you tired of photographers having you pose this way, and that, while positioning your head in a strange and unnatural angle?
  • Do you want to be in love with the photo and not simply find it adequate or ‘somewhat worth the money’?

There are two types of Photographers, photo journalists or classical portraiture artists. These might seem like foreign terms but let me know break them down for you. Photo Journalists are photographers who happen to be flies on the wall. They capture events as they happen but never take an active role in manipulating a photo. Classical portraiture artists are photographer who pose people according to a certain look that they are trying to achieve. This may include setting up an entire scene to fit that vision. I like to think of myself as a combination of both. Read a tad bit more below and you will understand how I achieve that...

I look for magical moments that I then turn into part of your story. This can be anything from dad crying as he walks you down the isle or you dancing with your niece! At the same time I also create portraits that speak to your personality. This can include a beautiful location you love that you would like to have a photograph at or a certain photograph that you once saw in a magazine and now want for your own wedding.  If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer, one that blends “magic” and “beauty”, this might be the start of a wonderful friendship.

It’s Your Time To Stand Out From The Crowd!

This is the day you’ve dreamt of since you were a little girl. The last thing you want is to receive your wedding photos to find a mixed bag of disappointment and regret. This day happens once. And the photographer you hire will either capture the beauty of it or let their lack of experience and pride show through in every snap…

When you hire Box Cube Photography, you get a photographer personally invested in telling your story and capturing it in the most stunning way possible. Each one of the packages I offer comes with a complimentary engagement session, simply because I want to get to know your story and both of you.

Am I Your Photographer?

I know…

Edmonton Photographers are a dime a dozen. Many offer a service where they show up the day of the wedding, snap a photo here and there, charge you far too much for their ‘average’ service, and are on their way. They see wedding photography as a quick buck. They say what you want to hear to get hired and then bring a lack of passion, direction, and honesty to their work. In fact, many times you would’ve been better off having relatives take pictures, because you, at least, know they care enough to try.

Whether people admit to it or not, a photo has the potential to either come to life or lay down flat. Just as you can tell if someone is genuine through their personality, the best photographers show you a living personality in their work. And that’s what you need on your wedding day: life.

When you let me into your life, I will use my camera to help you bottle your memories beautifully and honestly.

This is one of the most important days in your life. It would be my privilege to be a part of it!

No matter what your need may be, give me a call and schedule an appointment today!

Wanna have some coffee and chat about magic?

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